This Is What Happens When You Don’t Sleep

what happens when you dont sleep

If the body doesn’t get regular, healthy sleep, it gets sick. Sleeping fewer than six hours per night causes changes to genes and hormone activity that negatively affects health. But nearly half of us don’t get the recommended 7+ hours we need each night, and as the infographic below demonstrates, sleep deprivation is something we should […]

Understanding The Sleep Cycle & Stages Of Sleep (Infographic)

Prior to 1951, it was thought our brains had an on off switch that automatically made us sleep and wake up. That was until Nathaniel Kleitman’s research into sleep and dreaming began to unravel the mystery of what happens when we cross over to this other realm. Sixty-six years later we now know there are […]

Understanding Hyperarousal Insomnia And Sleep Anxiety

hyperarousal insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most commonly heard medical complaints by doctors worldwide. Insomnia is a higher ranked sleep disorder that causes millions of people to despair night after night. The number one cause of insomnia is sleep anxiety, while the second most common cause is hyperarousal. Both sleep anxiety and hyperarousal can lead to […]

The Facts About Taking Melatonin For Sleep

Melatonin and sleep

All living beings, including humans, animals and plants naturally live by circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms consist of a 24 hour physiological cycle that is modulated by our environment and external cues such as sunlight and temperature. Circadian rhythms are important because they determine when to sleep and eat. Brain wave activity, the hormones we produce, […]

Case Study: My Personal Sleep Paralysis Story

Sleep paralysis stories

I have written previously on how adopting healthier sleeping habits can assist with the control of sleep paralysis, and last night I experienced more evidence to support this theory. I haven’t experienced an episode for a long time, and have been sleeping very well of late, dropping off as soon as my head hits the […]

Do You Have ADHD Or Sleep Deprivation

adhd and sleep

Record numbers of people are being diagnosed with A.D.H.D (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), largely because so many people suffer from classic symptoms; procrastination, forgetfulness, a propensity to lose things, the inability to pay attention consistently, and often excessive movement and waking during the night. But amidst the hundreds of thousands of newly diagnosed patients each year, are large numbers […]

The 5 Reasons Alcohol And Sleep Don’t Mix

alcohol and sleep

Having a few glasses of wine or a few beers before bed might seem like an obvious way to relax and help you sleep better, but the reality is that alcohol will affect the quality of your sleep, not to mention create a habitual behaviour that will become increasingly harder to break. 1. Reduced Rem Sleep […]

How To Cure Daytime Sleepiness – Fast!

how to cure daytime sleepiness

The majority of articles on how to cure daytime sleepiness teach you how to use hacks to get over the slump. This is pretty easy to do because all you have to do is increase adrenaline, which can be done with a burst of exercise, a cup of coffee, by eating some quality protein and […]

5 Common Chronic Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

chronic sleep deprivation

There’s being tired and then there’s sleep deprivation. One poor night’s sleep might result in a lot of yawning and lack of energy, but this is easily overridden by some exercise and plenty of water. In fact, poor sleep over two nights is fairly easy to get past, but after three nights of little sleep, […]

The Benefits Of Waking Up Early On Sleep Quality

the benefits of waking up early

During my research into early man, modern-day hunter-gatherer communities and urban vs. rural sleep patterns, one reoccurring theme emerged; early waking is conducive to better quality sleep. This simple fact became a staple part of my personal insomnia cure, and the creation of the subsequent Six Steps program. I have been forced to continually test […]