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Welcome to Six Steps To Sleep, the home of deep, natural sleep.

I don’t know what your personal insomnia story is, but I do know how traumatic it can be to lie awake in the darkness every night, and to feel lethargic and lifeless during the day.

I suffered with insomnia for the best part of my life.

I know how isolated you feel right now, not knowing how to fall asleep fast and sleep soundly through the night – something that should come so very naturally. Worse still, family and friends have no idea how badly sleep loss is affecting your mind, body and general happiness.

For more than six years I’ve been helping people rediscover deep, rejuvenating sleep using my natural insomnia cure program, Six Steps To Sleep. Through personal experience and extensive research I have developed a powerful, easy pathway to help people like you reset their sleep-wake cycle fast.

Insomnia is a vicious cycle. The more you fear not being able to fall asleep and build up anxiety around bedtime, the more sleep eludes you. And the more sleep eludes you the more frustrated, anxious and depressed you become.

This downward spiral doesn’t just stop at losing sleep, either, it also leads to poor health because the body isn’t getting the sleep it needs to rejuvenate itself.

6 Major Insomnia Health Risks

Risk 1: You’re 45% more likely to have a heart attack if you sleep fewer than 5 hours a night.

Risk 2: Poor sleep contributes to diabetes & impaired glucose intolerance.

Risk 3: 20% of all auto accidents involve sleep-deprived drivers.

Risk 4: Poor quality sleep makes you twice as prone to symptoms of depression.

Risk 5: Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain due to hormone imbalance.

Risk 6: Getting less than 6 hours sleep per night will age your brain by 4-7 years.

The good news is that you can escape this cycle and cure insomnia once and for all with my proven methods.

I won’t pretend I can solve everyone’s sleep problems, because there are a few linked to specific medical illnesses that require further attention.

But what I can say is this: If you’re like the vast majority of people I’ve helped overcome insomnia, losing sleep is NOT something you need to struggle on with — even if it has affected your life for many years and you’ve tried everything you can to solve the root the problem.

My personal experience of over 15 years poor quality sleep led me down a path of extensive research to overcome an affliction that had stolen my happiness.

Fast forward to 2015 and I am in great sleep health, and the Six Steps program has helped over 102,000 people cure insomnia.

I discovered that by implementing specific life changes, along with the use of special audio recordings capable of entraining the brain, you can restore your body’s innate ability to sleep in just 3-days.

If you’re determined to get out of this vicious cycle without sleeping pills, you’ve landed in the right place.

My Six-Step Program Will Show You 

  • How to fall asleep fast within 10 minutes of getting into bed.
  • How to stop your mind racing with thoughts when you’re trying to fall sleep.
  • How to stop feeling anxious and restless before bed.
  • How to sleep for 7+ hours without waking through the night.
  • How to sleep well before big occasions and nerve-wracking events
  • How to sleep undisturbed when sharing a bed with a partner.
  • How to sleep soundly in new environments.

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